Krischmann & Klingenberg



Krischmann & Klingenberg – Club Neon
Release: 09.04.2021


Our ideas, our music! Interpreted by the leading musicians from the scene.

Start to recreate – this is what bokk stands for!

The original idea meets a new and fresh impulse, the creativity of another industry leading artist. We do not set any rules and do not expect a certain sound. We want artists to be artists and to express themselves.

Can you hear it? This is the sound of a new original!

Rules? Pigeonholing? Following a trend?

bokkmist – This is our playground.

Whatever Krischmann & Klingenberg have in mind, however they get inspired. A melody, a rhythm or a bassline. Doesn’t matter! They just go for it and live it up. 
On bokkmist it’s about creativity not boundaries, ideas over genres and art instead of following standards. Quality is the only constant!

What are they going to release next? Find out!