It ́s not easy to find the right words for Krischmann & Klingenberg. 
Are they progressive and dark or playful and melodic? 

The answer is simply “YES!” 

The names of Krischmann & Klingenberg are a synonym for driving percussions, powerful basslines and characteristic soundscapes. Progressive, dark, playful and melodic as well!

Their productions clearly bear their own signature and with their endless passion they are able to set a course and affect the whole scene. 
Originally from Berlin and influenced by “old-school” techno as well as by a classical music education, the duo steadily provides novel and expressive output and inspires a new “techno-generation”. 

They always strike new paths, steadily reinvent their selves and don ́t care about stereotypes. The Cologne-based guys are performing dynamic, varied and impulsive techno-sets when they are on stage.
They are a perfect unit behind the decks and their long-lasting and close friendship since 1999 was the ideal base to form that over the years. 

During their gigs in clubs like the legendary “Tresor” in Berlin and festivals like “Nature One” or “Ruhr in Love” they always feel homelike, while their sound is considered a trend-setting German export in other parts of the world like South America, South Africa, Russia and all other parts of Europe. 

Krischmann & Klingenberg are breaking new ground and present themselves in an energetic, innovative and fresh way.

Is this Techno? The answer is simply “YES!” 

Latest Release

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